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Web & Graphic Design

Vision, Design, Implement, Maintain We have a streamlined process to ensure client satisfaction throughout the entire design process. Let’s build a site, create an awesome logo or branding package for you or your company that stands out and delivers a cohesive image or message to the target audience.

Custom Development

Assess, Propose, Design, Deliver. Whether it be a mobile app, complex back-end for a website, custom CRM or CMS to run your company, we will tackle any project that you can throw at us. Our team of designers and developers work dilligently to ensure you receive a functional, easy to use system built to your last specification.

Digital Marketing

Segment, Coordinate, Deliver, Optimize. Select the best digital channels and ad types to reach your audience. Segment, target, and personalize your ads. Coordinate your ads across channels and devices Optimize and measure the effectiveness of your ads

Technology Consulting

Assess, Organize, Propose, Implement Our team of technology experts will work with you and your staff to implement efficient, affordable, and coordinated systems to ensure your company can stride into growth seemlessly.

Stride into success

We ensure customer satisfaction and go above and beyond the call of duty
Are you ready to take a stride?

Are you stuck worrying about your company's technology?

Do you want the power to effectively manage your team and inventory from one place?

How many more monthly fees are you going to pay for services that aren’t exactly what you need?

  • Planning and Design

    Our project managers work with you step by step to ensure your vision is made into a reality. We will then move to the design phase where our magicians will extract exactly what you want from your brain and bring it to life. This is the most important aspect of any project, and we take it seriously.

  • Development

    After we know exactly what you want, our team of developers will bring it to life in 0s and 1s. As the developers hit benchmarks, our project managers will reach out and get real time feeback, translate it to our developers, and then go over the changes to ensure you are happy as a clam.

  • Revisions and Feeback

    Okay, so now we are getting somewhere. As we work through your project, we will do our best to ensure we get everything that you'd like completed, but the job doesn't end there. We won't launch until you are as excited as we are, and then we can have a launch party together!!!

  • Delivery and Maintenance

    So you have this amazing website, program, web based application, branding package, marketing materials, ect ect. NOW WHAT? If you like what we did for you, we'd love the opportunity to gain your business for life. We design custom packages for our clients with specific continual needs.

The Greatest Team ever!

Jeremy Dolan
Jeremy Dolan
Chief Executive Officer
Patrick Knight
Patrick Knight
Chief Technology Officer
Michelle Zeigler
Michelle Zeigler
Client Coordinator
Michelle is our newest addition to the Stride Team! Her background is in business financial management. She loves the beach, fishing, and skydiving. She handles our accounts payable and receivable.

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